Company Profile

Gripon Electrical is specialist in electrical termination in India. Gripon Electrical started its journey in April 2000 in a small unit in Mumbai with the manufacturing of Rail mounted Clip-on type Terminal Blocks for the Switchgear Industry & has now grown more than 4000Sq Ft factory in Pune. The steady & systematic growth coupled with the desire for incremental innovation & steadily increasing manufacturing productivity has brought Gripon to its current level of competence. Gripon continues to expand the line with the most competitively priced blocks in the business. Whatever your needs we have standard DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks to meet them. Gripon level of quality meets or exceeds every national and international standard for performance and safety. Our products confirm to IEC 60947-7-1. We are committed to unfailing & sustained customer satisfaction through consistent quality. The heart of the Gripon philosophy is the standardized DIN Rail and snap-on terminal block. The DIN Rail makes possible a compact, organized arrangement of terminal blocks and other DIN Rail mount components. This gives more than just the appearance of quality; it saves time and space, enhances design capabilities and provides a centralized connect-disconnect area where external and/or internal wiring can be connected quickly and efficiently.